beyond sound: Berlin debut 05.05.2018

London's collective Under My Feet. debuts in Berlin with its events series 'Beyond Sound' on the 5th of May.

Under My Feet. is an international and collaborative event that celebrates arts by presenting live acts line up combined with art exhibitions of local artists, including photographers, painters, and visual performers.

For our Berlin debut, we are presenting a live performance of local talentsTemplər and Lapse of Reason alongside a hidden gem of the London underground scene, Volsent

Templər (X-IMG / AREA Z)

Lapse of Reason (aufnahme + wiedergabe / AREA Z)


- Wolfdrifta

Music selector: Secret Guest

Exhibition by local artists:
Niklas Jeroch
- more TBA

// Artwork: Maria Cristina Cerina //
// Visual installation: Matt Knowles //