Blanc x Under My Feet. | London | 14.06.2019

BLANC at Electrowerkz
Esther Duijn
▪ U.R.S.U.L.A.

Live video by
Karl Verboten

UNDER MY FEET. at Metal Works
Drew McDowall Live
Hiro Kone Live
Ciarra Black Live
Ireen Amnes

Installation by
Jacopo Dema
Visual Installation by
Ivano Pagnussat & Hila Angelica Mazzocco

Hila Angelica Mazzocco

1. - of, relating to, characteristic of, or made by a number of people acting as a group: a collective decision.

We come together for this one-off occasion to present a collaborative effort; with Under My Feet. focusing on providing a listening experience while BLANC brings you closer to the dancefloor.

Held across two rooms at Electrowerkz we will work towards creating two separate sonic identities that represent our respective music directions. This however, in unison, will give you a choice to enjoy a much broader spectrum of music performances as well as DJ sets.