Beyond Sound pt. 2 | London 25.05.2018

Celebrating our 2nd year with the next instalment of our Beyond Sound series of Exhibition / Live sets only events.
This time we present New York based musician and producer Hiro Kone.

Her recent full-length LP “Love is the Capital” was released in the Spring of 2017 on Geographic North. 

In an exclusive interview with "The Quietus" Mao explains that Hiro Kone "is the Iroquois phrase for 'I have spoken'. It is used when signing off, and 'kone' attaches to it whichever intention one feels at that moment."

Mao is a multi-instrumentalist, who studied classical music as a child but abandoned her violin training to play guitar in punk bands as a teenager. Currently, she uses a combination of hardware, synths, and modular to cultivate her sound. 

Represented by POLY. artists internationally, Hiro Kone close collaborator is Coil's Drew McDowall - their collab album "The Ghost Of Georges Bataille" will be released by Bank Records this Spring. Her next solo album is scheduled to be out on Dais Records in August.

Supported by local artists Tullis Rennie and Ireen Amnes.

Exhibition curated by Fluid Cubo.

Performance "Four seasons" curated by Jacopo Dema (audio visual) and Jonathan Graham (performer)  
"Tripping set of music-mixed poetry and dance, juxtaposed with projections, painting and installation. Dark hides the wind, until spring’s new light shines it to a still, summer sleep. Pneumatic mirages bake beneath the blue cry of birds, and July torrents rattle wind-rumbled panes"

Music Selector: Faux Naif.

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Artwork: Cristina Cerina